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A day comes in our lives when we realize what we really wish to do with it. Dreams, ideas, visions and perspective, everything starts making sense. The journey started with an ambitious decision to give the people of Gujarat something that they can cherish and learn from at the same time. Gujarat which is very well known as the heave of cultural diversities is far off from the knowledge and know-how of camping and ecotourism. It is with great determination of Bandish Shah, we came with the concept of Orsang Camp, A camp by the nature people and for the nature people. The idea was always to start something that would change the complete outlook of people towards people in Gujarat and the Gujarat Tourism. Orsang Camp has won many awards under the leadership of Mr Bandish Shah over a period of 8 years and has been named the torch bearers of Eco tourism in Gujarat.
The land which was initially a 125 acre barren land in the remote Gamdi village was later on with dedication and hard work of Mr Bandish Shah and his team was converted into forest plantation with more than 5 lac trees. With rain being the only source of water for harvesting, a complete rain water harvesting plant was created manually by the team under Mr Bandish Shah’s directions. The Camp has been a source of empowering the local tribals and giving them a source of economic support. The camp has a gigantic 2.5 km long Zipline, which is considered India’s Longest Zipline is the brainchild of Mr Bandish Shah. The camp offers a range of high rope adventure activities similar to Zipline that grips the thrill of young generation.
The Camp was designed by Mr Bandish Shah with the intention of providing the highest level of camping experience and certification to the visitors and sharing with them the knowledge and importance of Eco-tourism. To spread the awareness about Eco-tourism constant efforts are being made through programs and events at the spot. Corporate MNCs are taking part in our outbound training programs to promote Eco-tourism and spread our vision. The camp sites are designed in a way to motivate the young school children in preserving nature and help them in understanding the values of team building. Orsang Camp is built for the nature living to offer people the experience of living with the nature away from the city hassles. The camp imparts importance and benefits of adventure sports to the children and how the activities can help them fight the fear of heights and build self esteem. Adventure sports were never the “in-thing” for people in Gujarat, but with Mr Bandish Shah’s constant efforts and dedication Orsang Camp has been awarded as first Eco Adventure Touring Experience Award. Pumping the adrenaline in the heart of the people across Gujarat, Orsang Camp has managed to cultivate a culture of adventure loving young India. Mr Bandish Shah has created a benchmark for the adventure tourism in Gujarat with the success of Orsang Camp. A group of similar camps and resorts are being initiated and slowly taking over the Gujarat Tourism industry.

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Our Vision

To promote Eco Tourism and ensure prosperity of native population of Dholikui, Panchmahal.

Our Mission

To create awareness about Eco Tourism among people generation of employment opportunities & education for native population of Gamdi, Near Chandod.

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